Waffle Knit!

Waffle knit is all the rage this season. Bow Button Fabrics has a great variety and their waffle knit is very soft with 4 way stretch. When I received this gorgeous Emerald in the mail, I could NOT decide what to make with it. I first wanted a cardigan, then a fitted long sleeved tee,... Continue Reading →


Greenstyle: http://bit.ly/2InZIkl Brassies: http://bit.ly/2Iqvcq3 (https://greenstylecreations.refersion.com/l/f59.568328) Hudson: http://bit.ly/2Imo5ie Centerfield: http://bit.ly/2IozXjP Centerfield add on: https://greenstylecreations.refersion.com/l/f43.554396 Clara Wrap Top: https://greenstylecreations.refersion.com/l/f0c.579277 Green Tee: https://greenstylecreations.refersion.com/l/b9b.567963 Inspire Tights: http://bit.ly/31BMcAI Inspire Tights Moto Add On: http://bit.ly/2IH63pK Iron Joggers: https://greenstylecreations.refersion.com/l/4ef.624764 Lacy Slope: https://greenstylecreations.refersion.com/l/b59.626066 Lille: https://greenstylecreations.refersion.com/l/22d.626790 Moxies: http://bit.ly/2GgoQYZ Moxie compression shorts: http://bit.ly/2WimKl0 Muscle Up: http://bit.ly/2YepfRM (https://greenstylecreations.refersion.com/l/fe5.585695) North Shore: http://bit.ly/2GdUfuO Pacific Pullover: http://bit.ly/2GeruOF Power Sports Bra: https://greenstylecreations.refersion.com/l/c55.554380... Continue Reading →

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