Bamboo Hoodies for my Favorite Guy

After I made myself and the Little a couple of tops with the Bamboo Lycra Jersey from The Fabric Fairy, my partner asked for a hoodie with the same fabric. When that one was made, he asked for another. When that one was made, he asked for another… but I have yet to order fabric for that one. 🙂

ezy watermark_20-10-2019_10-03-00am

This fabric is perfect for tanks, tees, AND hoodies. It is lightweight, so soft, and The Fabric Fairy has so many colors (and stripes) that the combinations are endless!

ezy watermark_20-10-2019_10-01-58am

The first one I made him was with this Sage color. I have made SO many items with this sage, it’s such a gorgeous color.

ezy watermark_20-10-2019_10-02-29am

I chose the Hudson Pullover by Greenstyle Creations. I had made my partner a hoodie and a couple of hoodless versions last winter, and have the fit down great. I make him a size large, with a broad shoulder adjustment. He prefers his hoodies with cuffs and I made sure to add the front pocket.

ezy watermark_20-10-2019_10-04-15am

The second one I made was Navy. I think we’ll do one of the greys next!

ezy watermark_20-10-2019_10-03-36am

The fit is spot on for him, and he’s asked for multiple versions of this same top… more in bamboo, of course! He has had these hoodies in his regular rotation since they were sewn up! They are perfect for fall. 🙂

Here are my resources:
Hudson Pullover
Bamboo Lycra Jersey in Sage
Bamboo Lycra Jersey in Navy

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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