Rockets for the Little

Do your Littles have any favorite toys that they carry around everywhere? For awhile (over a year), our kiddo has loved these little rocket pool toys that sink to the bottom of the pool. They are his favorite “lovey” to have at naptime.

When Flying Pig Fabrics announced their intergalactic round, I knew I needed some of their space toss print to make the little a new outfit. To my surprise, Sabra, the owner, asked me to sew up some strikes (the samples that are sewn up to help sell the fabric). I was leaving soon for the summer, but we had our fingers crossed that the fabric would arrive prior to me leaving… unfortunately it didn’t.

We decided some new sews when retail was announced would be good! So, here I am to tell you about my love for FPF and this intergalactic round!

ezy watermark_15-09-2019_07-38-10pm

Well, if you’ve read my blog previously, you know that FPF is my go to for custom Cotton Lycra for the little and any baby gifts I make. The fabric quality is amazing: so soft, great recovery, and washes up well. The intergalactic round prints are no different!

ezy watermark_15-09-2019_07-42-02pm

For his shirt, I went with the 3T Nico Raglan by Jalie. The fit of this top is great, and becoming my new favorite raglan for the little. I used the striped panel on the front and the scattered print on the back. I paired the print with a solid Cotton Lycra Black Hole Black, also from FPF.

ezy watermark_15-09-2019_07-41-09pm

The shorts are the Pocket Shorts by Brindille & Twig. I went with size 3/4T to hopefully last us to next summer. I topped the outfit off with a couple pairs of matching undies! These are the Speedy Pants by Made By Jack’s Mum. I sewed up the boxer version with hemmed legs. These are quite quick to make, as there is no center back seam.

ezy watermark_15-09-2019_08-01-47pm

I had enough fabric left over to make a shirt for a friend’s little. I used the Nico Raglan again and used the scattered print for both the front and back. So cute!

ezy watermark_15-09-2019_07-43-30pm

For the Little’s birthday this year, we spent some time at a trampoline park for the first time. He decided to wear this outfit out and he had so much jumping and playing (as did I)!

ezy watermark_15-09-2019_07-40-14pm

The fabric has just landed at FPF so retail will be coming in the near future! I’ll be sure to come back and update this post when retail is live!

What I used:
Flying Pig Fabrics
Nico Raglan
Pocket Shorts
Speedy Pants

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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