Testing the Greenstyle No Show Briefs

Alright y’all. This is nothing different than showing my butt in a swimsuit. I’m about to tell you all about my new favorite pair of undies! Greenstyle Creations has been working their butts off (pun totally intended) on this new pattern… The No Show Briefs! I’m here to tell you allll about it!


So, I have one pair of no show undies from… college? So that tells you how old they are. They also are a liiiittle snug as I’m not the same size as I used to be. When I heard a No Show Brief pattern was being made, I couldn’t wait!

You know what else is awesome about this pattern? The new expanded size range and sizing at Greenstyle! Angie listened to her customers, and now the size range is size B-M, covering hips from 32 inches to 62 inches! I sewed up size F, which is the old medium, and they fit like a glove.

This pattern is packed with options from low medium and high waisted options, to waistband or no waistband, to cheeky and brief style, and even a full tummy adjustment option. All packed into one amazing pattern that takes about 15 minutes from printing the pattern to wearing! Well, maybe not your first pair, but probably by your second!

I sewed up all the rise options, but never made one with the waistband. I made some cheeky and some full briefs, and I equally like both. I even made some in SUPPLEX! These are my favorite, and feel like Spanx, but definitely are a bit more snug than some made in a lighter weight fabric.

Without further ado, here they are! I’m not sure I have photos of all of them, but I made 7 pairs. 🙂

Supplex! Hint, my fabric rolled a bit when stretched horizontally, so I turned the fabric vertical and no rolling! This supplex is from Boho Fabrics. This is the high rise.

Swim! Again, a tiny bit of rolling, so I flipped the fabric vertical. This fabric is also from Boho Fabrics. You can see I used it for a couple of No Show Thongs as well. This is the midrise, cheeky version.

Lightweight Circular Knit! No rolling with this fabric, so I left it as is. It’s a bit lighter weight than the others, so they actually fit looser, but still great. This is the low rise version. The fabric is from Phee Fabrics.

Medium weight Circular Knit! No rolling with this fabric, so I left it as is. This is the high rise. The fabric is from Phee Fabrics.

Finally, I made some with the Mist Nylon Spandex from Greenstyle. No modeled photos of this one, as it’s not very opaque. 🙂 These two are medium rise, cheeky versions. These two literally feel like I’m wearing nothing.

ezy watermark_27-08-2019_09-14-53am

So, there’s the wrap up! Oh, I almost forgot… Here’s some photos of them under leggings:


I love wearing my high waisted supplex one under dresses as well. You should know, though, that without leggings to keep them snug in place, they may move around a bit. Definitely less movement than my old pair (which I just threw away!!), but NO LINES!

Alright, I hope you all enjoyed this post! What are you waiting for, go grab the pattern! It’s on sale for only $5 right now!

Grab the No Show Brief pattern here!

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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