NHD Reef Walkers

Once short season hit this year around March, the Little has been wearing a couple pairs of shorts that are a tad too… small. Mom fail. But, he kept picking those too small pairs to wear! I think he loved the bright colors and designs. I knew I needed to update his shorts stash to add a couple additions. I had made him a few pair of 2/3T Pocket Shorts last fall that still fit great, but he needed a couple more to give him something to wear each day. Since it’s summer time and he prefers to run around in his boxer briefs, I knew I could get by with just a couple pairs to last until we get back home next month.


I chose to make the New Horizon Designs Reef Walkers. This is a new to me pattern, but one that I had been watching for a while. I wanted to make a couple of solid pairs to go along with his others that have more fun designs. I also loved the look of this pattern with French Terry, and had a couple colors on hand to sew up!


I went with the 3T for these in the longer length. I tend to size up if he is on the high end of a size just because kids grow SO fast. Plus, when I’m using fabric I love, I want to get as much use out of it as possible! These are a bit big, so will last through our long shorts season.

My favorite types of French Terry have four way stretch with Cotton and Lycra or Spandex. These are the main solids I have been purchasing lately. They last through washes much better without pilling like rayon blends tend to do.


The first pair I made was with this beautiful Cotton Lycra French Terry in Turquoise Jade. This is such a vibrant color for summer! I followed the pattern on this pair, including topstitching all the seams. Topstitching is more time consuming, but does give a nice finished look! I went with the rolled up hem on this pair, also. I opted to sew the drawstring with the wrong side of the fabric out to compliment the rolled up hem.


The second pair is made from The Fabric Fairy‘s Bamboo Cotton Lycra French Terry in Charcoal. Everyone needs a nice neutral solid colored shorts that will go with everything! This pair I was in a bit more of a hurry and skipped the topstitching on the construction seams. This pair I also ended up hemming instead of rolling the fabric up the front. I wanted to check the length and look differences. I think I prefer the rolled up look of the turquoise, but my partner prefers them hemmed. 🙂 Soon, the little will be having his own opinion and I can make them how he asks!


The two fabrics are very similar. Both have great stretch and recovery, are incredibly soft, and don’t pill in the wash (I even throw them in the dryer!). I order from both places regularly, and don’t have a favorite when wanting to buy French Terry.

These Reef Walkers are a new favorite in our household this summer. When we get back home in July, I’ll be making a few more pairs for the school year! What do you think of this pattern? Let me know in the comments below!


The pattern can be found here.
The Fabric Fairy is here.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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