Brassies: (
Centerfield add on:
Clara Wrap Top:
Green Tee:
Inspire Tights:
Inspire Tights Moto Add On:
Iron Joggers:
Lacy Slope:
Moxie compression shorts:
Muscle Up: (
North Shore:
Pacific Pullover:
Power Sports Bra:
Slope Tank:
Solo Tank:
Super G:
Studio to Street:
STS Hood add on:
Sunday Cardigan:
Taylor Shorts:
Tie Back Tank:
Warrior Pants:
Xpress: (

New Horizons:
Pierside Pencil:
Reef Walkers:

Black power net:
White Powernet:
circular knit:
Rayon spandex:
Black Rayon Spandex:
Peacock Supplex:
Tricot solids:
White Wide Stretch Mesh:

Pretty Posh Prints Referral:

Boho Fabrics Referral:

Pickle Toes Patterns:

Ellie & Mac:
Around the Block:
Be Active Shorts:
South Shore Romper:
Trendsetter Skirt:
Wacky Wednesday:
Ruched Tee:
Undercover Hoodie:


5oo4 Patterns:
Weekender Tunic

Pattern Emporium:
Hello Gorgeous:
Keep It Simple Babe:

Petite Stitchery:

Stitch Upon A Time:
Kids Boxerwear:

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or pink… when I was in high school our school dance team was the Pink Panthers (school was the Panthers) and our competition dance team wore a lot of pink and I overdid it on the pink. It’s been thirteen years and I’m still recovering.


Sugar cookies: Alton brown cookies

Vegetarian Chili:

Vegetable Lasagna:


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