Sunday Lately, Week 09-2019

Here I am, jumping in again. 🙂 Last week went well, so I thought I’d join in again! This week our words are modeling, watching, and browsing.

First, for those interested, I hit 1,000 views last Sunday on the 24th. I surpassed my goal for the month by a couple hundred! 🙂 Over half were in February alone, so thank you all for your support.


Modeling: Oh, modeling. This is a good one. I am definitely not a natural model. I get extremely nervous in front of a camera and have a hard time figuring out how best to position myself to show off my makes! I’ve read a few blogs and articles that say to look at other posts or Pinterest for inspiration. I have definitely started doing that and am seeing little improvements, but I still feel super awkward. 🙂 I do think being in front of the camera more often helps, though! This is a skill I am working on and hope to improve this year. Let me know if you have any tips!

Modeling the Super G’s here.

Watching: This year, I have been taking the time to watch video tutorials on how to do certain techniques. I watched one of Sarah’s videos during the Greenstyle Power Bra Sew A Long in The Fabric Fairy‘s Facebook Group to learn a new way for making straps. I also recently watched a couple of videos on doing rolled hems with my serger when making my husband some Made for Mermaid‘s Gable Boxer Briefs! Two new techniques in just as many months. Videos really do help improve my sewing, and many times make more sense than photo tutorials! I definitely finding a YouTube video if you are ever stuck on a sewing technique… many times you’ll be able to find the exact technique on your specific machine. 🙂 I’m hoping to tackle something new each month this year.

Browsing: Does looking through Pinterest for sewing inspirations count as browsing? I’m going to say yes! This is something I have recently started doing as well. Last summer I made this dress last summer that was based off a Pinterest image I saw. Now, I have way too many inspirations and not enough time!


Let me know if you have any modeling tips! What is your favorite place to get sewing inspiration?

Check out the round up of 2019’s week 09 at Wild+Wanderful!

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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