Sewing a Swim Suit!

Hello friends! It has been well over a year since I have written a post. I got a little ambitious with the blog right before our big move… and then completely forgot about it. Let’s hope I don’t go another year without posting again. 🙂

In May, when the semester and finals ended (one year down!) I applied to test again for Greenstyle Creations. I absolutely love testing for Angelyn (this was my second time). The first pattern I tested was the Moxi Shorts. GS patterns are so fun to put together and I always learn something new. Not to mention the great fit! I think I’ve sewn up at least six of their patterns, and have multiples of each one.

So, back to the swim suit. I applied to test the North Shore Swim Suit since finals had ended and I finally had some sewing time. I was definitely intimidated, as I had never worked with swim fabric before, nor had I sewn any type of top/bra like that! I was chosen to test… and dove right in!

One of the reasons I love testing, is seeing how a pattern progresses over the testing time. Options were added throughout, and this single pattern has the option to make over a hundred different options between the top, bottom, and one-piece options! I made three completely different suits just during testing!

My favorite top, which surprised me, was the high V. I opted for the halter and tie back, because I still have a hard time adjusting straps for my height. This is a problem I have when I wear store bought sports bras… because I’m small-chested, I buy smaller sizes, but the straps never seem to be long enough! And I’m only 5’8″! Sports bras are on my to-do list (that I’m a little intimidated to try). The coverage is great, especially as I was working on weaning my son this summer. 😉



This photo shows the bikini bottoms, but I modified them so they are not reversible. The fit is great! These black and white strips are from The Fabric Fairy.


As you can tell, I need to work on my modeling skills! I get so nervous (especially at public pools). 🙂

I also made the one piece with no back. It’s such a great look with a little modesty:



This fabric is from Boho Fabrics and is unfortunately no longer listed at this time. It is one of my favorites, and I have plans to make a two piece with the leftovers!

I also made a deep V, full coverage top:


I prefer this fit of the low V, since I prefer to wear padding in my tops. Barely pictured are the high rise bottoms! I love the look of the high rise bottoms right now!

All my tops were an XS, and bottoms are an S. One of the many joys of being able to sew for yourself is mixing and mashing sizes and adding/taking out height to get the perfect fit.

I will definitely come back to this pattern next year (or maybe this fall, yet) to make another suit. The instructions are incredibly easy to follow, and like I mentioned, the variety of options makes it possible to make so many different styles from the one pattern! A HUGE plus for me when I look to purchase patterns!

Find the North Shore Swimsuit here.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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